The Providence Collection

In the 1870’s, the Providence Lithograph Company began gathering and commissioning an extensive collection of artwork. Inspiring paintings and beautiful illustrations grew into a gallery of more than 5000 images from 200 different artists. These paintings, embracing Historical, Biblical, and Americana themes, were preserved in Rhode Island and Massachusetts vaults—and were all but forgotten.

The entire collection has recently been unearthed and resurrected. After being professionally researched, scanned, and catalogued, the gallery is now unveiled for a universe of uses. The Providence Collection invites you to view Art Treasures from Antiquity.

Biblical Paintings

The Providence Collection includes:

Americana Gallery
(1000+ images)

History Gallery
(100+ images)

Old Testament Gallery
(1200+ images)

New Testament Gallery
(1900+ images)

International Gallery
(200+ images)

Flora and Fauna Gallery
(100+ images)

Bible-times Gallery
(300+ images)

Church Gallery
(400+ images)